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Web Design and SEO for the Noob

Web Design for DummiesLots of people these days are talking about web design and search engine optimization. The fact of the matter is that as technology expands, the internet has become one of the most important places to turn to when looking for restaurants, local services, shops, information and much more. Well the guys at decided to give some of their top tips for the noob (aka the newcomer). Here they are:

Convenience over aesthetics

It’s important when you build a website that you ensure it’s convenient for the user. That means that it can’t be slow and it means that you shouldn’t use things that pop out at the user (unless this has been tested already). When you first start a website you’re going to create sort of a rough draft. That means that you’re creating a layout and content that you believe would attract new customers and keep them on your website. After you do some testing (through programs like crazy egg and Google Analytics) you can go ahead and adjust our content and test to see what performs best.

Larger companies do this all the time. It is sometimes referred to as A/B testing. The concept is to test different types of content on your website to see what gets more engagement. There are many programs available that will help you do this. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get it done! If you hire an SEO or web design company to work with you, they will probably have some kind of package that includes this.

The point of aesthetics is brought up here because often times a business owner will put a lot of attention on making their website beautiful. They’ll purchase large images that dramatically slow down a website, they’ll install flashy plugins that create these really cool animations, and they’ll place their content in all the wrong places for the sake of making their website look amazing. The problem here is that it slows down a website. It can also be a problem for your potential market if they go to a website that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with what services or products you offer.

Plan out your pages before building

The guys at Nashville Web Design specialize in WordPress web design and mention here that when working it WordPress it is very easy to make changes if you make a mistake. But in most cases you could save yourself a tremendous amount of time if you plan out your web pages before you build them.

If you were a painting contractor and you decided that you wanted to a build a website, the first instinct you may have would be to create one big page that talks about all of your services. This is a big problem. Search engines actually look for organized websites to put at the top. That means you should have a page dedicated for new visitors (home page) that compels them to move forward and hear more about your services. You should also have a page that lists out your services (like a services page). Then you should have a page for each of the services that you offer. If you do residential painting, you should make a page for it. If you do commercial painting, that should also have a web page. If you paint decks and fences, make sure you have a page for that too.

You can even break down your pages further and have a page dedicated to painting the exterior of a house and another page dedicated to painting a home interior. If you really wanted (but this probably isn’t necessary) you could take it even a step further and create a page dedicated to different rooms within a house.

The point is that if you plan this all out in advance, you won’t find yourself deleting pages, re-creating pages, editing pages etc. You’ll save yourself a lot of time by just having it all planned out in advance!

The guys at Nashville Web Design use these strategies in all of their web design work. They say that the above is the very foundation that you need in every design. With this information you can start planning your new website!

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Interesting Awesome Benefits of Limu

An extract from brown seaweed continues to be proven to trigger dangerous tumors to self-destruct… purify chemical’s body develop-up… and also burn body-fat. You can learn more at Limu Juice (awesome resource).

The medical forces and benefits of seaweed have already been used for centuries for their proven ability increase attractiveness insurance and health and to prolong existence. Check it out at and find out more. Throughout the decade, continuous study that was global shows brown seaweed to become all seaweeds’ most effective.

Brown seaweed (Laminaria japonica, or kombu) is abundant with normal iodine, fucoidan, alginates, fucoxanthin, laminarin and other nutrient beliefs. In addition it contains all the 72 diverse track vitamins, which are often without people living in the Western hemisphere, particularly the U.S.

Here’s a Break Down Of Brown Seaweed’s Rewards and Exceptional Wellness Qualities

Fucoidan – Approximately 4% of the sum total dry weight of brown seaweed consists of fucoidan. Fucoidan is really a sulfated polysaccharide referred to as an oligomineral” that is “evaporated.

It is the fucoidan material in brown seaweed that has been demonstrated to cause particular varieties of swiftly rising melanoma cells to self-destruct, based on the Investigation Institute for Glycotechnology Advancement and also Takara Shuzo’s Biomedical Research Labs.

This occurrence of cancer-cell “self-destruction” is recognized as apoptosis, that is the result of a mechanism that is developed in to the character of the tissues themselves. The genetics or hereditary system is performed ineffective, and so damaged, if the apoptosis procedure is activated in just a mobile.

Apoptosis has been introduced as the natural method through which harmful tissues are expelled by dwelling creatures.

Seaweed fucoidan’s health benefits have already been revealed in over 600 controlled posts Inside Medicine’s National Selection. The study implies that fucoidan’s healing homes contain defense mechanisms development, reduction of intestinal/abdominal issues, allergy handle, advancement of liver capabilities, strong anti-oxidant action, cholesterol and blood pressure legislation, blood sugar levels stabilization as well as the marketing of healthy skin and hair.

Fucoxanthin – It’s the fucoxanthin in brown seaweed that is attributed with reliable fat-burning functions. Nonetheless, this does not be accomplished by fucoxanthin by itself. Therefore, acquiring fucoxanthin products won’t have the desired effect. Fairly, fucoxanthin performs in combination with the vitamin iodine that’s also present in brown seaweed.

If the thyroid is supplied having a satisfactory level of iodine, the endocrine system capabilities and is rehabilitated more efficiently — and this boosts your quickness, thus enabling the body to burn calories quicker and stop body fat’s deposition.

Alginates Alginic acid called alginate or algin, can be an anionic polysaccharide that exists while in the cell surfaces of brown algae.

The information of brown seaweed detoxifies the human body of uranium, mercury, direct — and a huge selection of poisonous chemicals that we’re confronted with in modern society. Such contaminants, which become embedded in the organs, are effectively removed from your body by ocean vegetables, especially seaweed.

Brown Seaweed Detoxified the Effects of Chernobyl…

Probably the case that is most genuine study that points to alginates in brown seaweed’s cleansing potential occurred in 1986 whenever a nuclear powerplant in Chernobyl, Ukraine exploded — covering the city and surrounding areas in dust that is radioactive.

A super extract of seaweed that was brown, Modifilan, helped purify 1000s of subjects and was quickly implemented to all places that were affected.

Furthermore, over 2,000 reserve-selected guys involving the ages of 25 to 45, who were designated the task of re-excavating Chernobyl and transforming the sewage system out, were getting Modifilan over a daily basis for around 2 weeks underneath the direction of doctors. They consumed about 2 tablespoons of Modifilan per day.

The study’s outcomes surpassed all objectives! Along with Modifilan’s capability to remove heavy metals from the body, those that had preexisting health problems (particularly these within the age of 40), had a wide selection of healing activities. They certainly were also able to restore raise energy-level and thyroid gland function in people who consumed the extract.

Natural Iodine – Most people consider iodine is good for the thyroid, but it’s truly very important to other areas of your body too, including prostate and bust tissue.

It is considered the prices of breast cancer in Japan are not notably raise than they’re within the American world-because the Japanese digest greater degrees of seaweed. A sufficient degree of iodine reactivates the thyroid, and consequently adjusts organs and other glands, such as the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenals, and even the liver.

Laminarin – the laminarin information of seaweed that is brown is a great organic way to obtain power. Including a feature post with Time Magazine, because of the coverage and rewards that seaweed has received lately, it’s not surprising that many people are going to the closest health-food store and brown seaweed that is buying. Nonetheless, is a hazard is merely acquiring brown seaweed inside the type of kelp, or — or dust as a supplement.

CAUTION: Consuming huge amounts of kombu can in fact backfire on your own quest for wellness since kombu consists of low or cellulose -dietary fiber. Since it is definitely an insoluble substance perhaps having a teaspoon or tbsp of kombu powder, which appears finely ground, may feel like shrapnel for your colon. Diarrhea or constipation is likely to arise in those that begin than their bodies are accustomed to consuming kombu in larger volumes,.

The extract of seaweed utilized in the post-Chernobyl case study stated earlier is made by a firm that hand-harvests the fresh seaweed in the Pacific. This can be among very few natural habitats on the planet where wild brown seaweed expands to some dimension substantial enough to remove the leaves which contains the advantageous polysaccharides’ viscous intrinsic part.

The outer area of the leaves is skinned down and placed into a schnek feeder (similar to a meatgrinder) and pushed through a limited mesh, thereby removing a heavy solution, thereby removing all large indigestible cellulose materials. The set of squeezed solution is then put in to a freezing -temperature chamber dehumidifier -dried with awesome air.

Because it is dry, the solution turns such as a stone, into a big chunk. That portion is cracked into chips, put into a mill that was sizable and became dust. That is Modifilan, which will be basically the dried, targeted liquid of brown seaweed, that will be currently completely digestible.

The organization that produces Modifilan and U-Fn, probably the most bioavailable fucoidan extract, doesn’t sell straight to the general public, but blows its brown seaweed extract via a community of physicians (MDs), naturopathic physicians (NDs), dieticians, chiropractors, kinesiologists along with other accredited medical professionals.

Another excellent resource is Wellness Mama for (more information|more info|more education material|more health info|more cool health stuff).

Marketing Tips for Contractors – Get the Phone Ringing!

Contractor LeadsSo it’s May and contractors across the country are working like mad because everyone knows that it’s the “busy season”. Although this might be true, it’s unfortunate that most contractors slow down when the weather starts cooling. That’s right, what’s a contractor to do when Winter comes around and there’s no work left? Here’s a few marketing tips that contractors can use, provided by Franklin Web Design.

Create Service Contracts for More Work

One landscaping contractor in Franklin uses service contracts to keep up the work throughout Winter. In fact, he claims that without the service agreements that he has in place, his company would have almost no work over Winter. Because of these service agreements he manages to keep his employees busy all year long.

Unfortunately service agreements come easier for some companies than others. Plumbers are notorious for having service agreements. They also have the virtue of receiving calls for frozen pipes in the winter. Roofing companies often get calls for ice dams that melt and cause flooding in a house. However painters and electricians don’t always get calls in the slow seasons, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t.

A painter might be able to outweigh the slow season by up-selling warranties on their work and stashing away that money. It would require that you have a good idea of how long your work will last so that selling warranties would mainly be a profitable endeavor.

Search Engine Optimization for Your Business

The SEO industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The reason for this is that when an SEO campaign is completed, your company receives massive exposure. You spend a certain amount of marketing dollars over time and in the end you no longer have to spend those marketing dollars and yet you still receive exposure. During slow seasons this is very important. While many contractors are desperate for work, the guy at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo is receiving free exposure. While ABC Contractor is spending hundreds of dollars on ads to try to get work over Winter and losing money, ZYX Contractor is spending no money and getting the occasional call.

Zing Marketing does web design and SEO for a painting company in Omaha Nebraska and says that in a few short months they had managed to achieve some of their SEO goals in terms of keyword rankings. They expect to achieve much more over the coming months, which will drive traffic and sales to the company all throughout the year and the years to come.

Some contractors like to do their own SEO, however this is often frowned upon. The national average for SEO spend in the contractor industry is about $1,200/month, however contractors who do their own SEO often spend up to $1,700/month due to errors made that need to be corrected. In some cases an entire website needs to be rebuilt, while in other cases links need to be removed. However, on occasion there are contractors who really do their homework and succeed in their own SEO. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these contractors to take up SEO as a full-time career!

Bing, Yahoo and Yelp

SEO doesn’t always end at Google. Some companies want to completely dominate their market. You can apply a lot of SEO knowledge to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. These places are often used for finding contractors. Bing and Yahoo don’t receive a lot of search traffic, but by being at the top you can expect a little bit of work to come in on occasion.

When it comes to advertising, these platforms may yield some return. However Yelp has built a reputation for generating little to no return on investment, and we do not recommend them.

Pay Per Lead

When it comes to companies that sell leads, it’s important to use companies that will work with you exclusively. Although the price per lead may be higher, they’re often much better quality. Working with companies like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack may cost you much more in the long run because they sell leads to several different companies. The person who has the lowest price often ends up getting the work.

Overall a pay per lead campaign can be very profitable for companies because all the leg work and SEO is already done by another company. However the only problem is that once you stop paying for leads, you stop receiving leads whereas SEO holds its value much longer.

What to do Next

Check in regularly for marketing updates for contractors! We’re always seeking out advice from the very best in the SEO and Digital Marketing industries. We thank Franklin Web Design for their advice here today and we invite them back to give more info any time! Be sure to share and subscribe!