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What Exactly is digital marketing?

digital-marketing-mixWhat is digital marketing anyway? A lot of people are confused if it is already considered digital marketing if you are already promoting through social media. However, this is not simply opening an account on Twitter or Facebook or any other platform. It takes more than that. To simplify, digital marketing is basically promoting brands using online mediums and digital channels.

The field of digital marketing includes a complete multitude of elements such as mobile phones, online collateral, email marketing, social networks and many more. It has lots of advantages that is why many prefer using this means. Firstly, it is a type of direct marketing. Second, it is actually possible to create customized messages which further can be personally tailored for each recipient.

This approach will allow you to measure quantitative results providing you information about who received the messages, at what time, from which part of the world and what actions the viewer had as a result of your initiative. The traditional marketers are hesitant in using digital marketing strategies because they are not so familiar with the concept yet. On the other hand there are the digital age aficionados who believe that implementing online marketing strategies definitely helps them to bring more

Since the earlier years, marketing is already an imperative part of whatever type of business. You cannot expect a person to purchase your product if they are not aware of what you have even if it is a necessity on their part. Be it a large retail store or the little store in the neighborhood selling fresh cakes, everyone is realizing the advantages that digital marketing offers and building their online identity. In this age, if you are not leveraging the advantages of digital marketing, then you are surely missing out on something that is really important. The Verge

Tech News- An Intro


Technology has certainly changed a lot in most individual’s lives, more leaning on the positive side. People now have a more convenient way of living especially that activities can be done online. Businesses are readily available and everyone had an easier access to products and services they needed. It is imperative for these websites to have an effect that will pull people in the moment they happen to visit.

Web design usually involves many varied disciplines and skills in the maintenance and production of websites. The different parts that encompasses web designing include interface design, graphic design, authoring which includes proprietary software and standardized code, search engine optimization and user experience design. Although some designers may specialize in all the aspects of web design, most designers usually work in groups each individual tackling a different aspect of the process.

The feel and look of the site is more essential than just displaying the information they want to be delivered, but doing it in a way that it appeals and creates attention from your target audience information. Multiple factors should be taken into account when scaling out the appearance of your website. One of the major considerations is your intended audience.


Look at their nationality, gender, age bracket, animations, colors, animations and graphics. Depending on the step of the production process, web designers use a wide range of varied tools in their work. There are so many things to consider before you decide on who to get as your web designer. Vist

Take time to learn more about the individual or the group you plan on working with. It would be best if you collaborate with them. Hand them your ideas and be there to contribute while they complete the work. There are thousands of reliable web designers available and you will get the website you want if you acquire the right help.